A Short Style Guide

If you’ve always wanted to go short, summer’s a better time than ever to take the plunge But there’s no going back once you commit to the chop—unless you’re doubling down on so how the hell are you supposed to style it once you do? Here are a selection of styles for 2016

The Short Cut to Modern Style

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Short Hair Works for Everybody

Short hair is a huge trend now because it’s a different attitude from having longer hair,” Kath Holt, Senior Stylist. “It’s modern, easy and chic— Allwomen must have two key words: feminine and edgy. Celebrities that have gorgeous short hair that are always admired are Halle Berry, Lisa Rinna Jennifer Lawrence, Pink, Julianne Hough and Victoria Beckham.”

Short feather Style

Dry shampoo is always great to have on hand, mousse gives short hair texture and a pomade or styling creme can define pieces as short hair.

Manage your Hair Texture

Women with fine hair need to have more of a blunt cut method to make their hair appear thicker and fuller without over-feathering strands, Thicker hair needs the same attention only more texturizing for the hair to have a balance of bulk and face framing effects. Additionally, pomades, texture creams and styling lotions can be used to create and separate hair for texture.”

Short Hair Needs Care

Generally you should wash and condition every two to three days. Sometimes over cleansing causes you to produce more oil on your scalp, so washing less can balance your scalp to produce less oils.