What’s Hot & What’s Not !


2016 is definitely going to be the year of being bold. With Taylor Swift debuting her super-short bob at the 2016 Grammy Awards, we await the stampede of followers! Let’s face it she looked absolutely flawless, as always. “The LOB” has been massive over the last few months, is the super-short bob about to take over?


Get ready to see braids everywhere! It seems this trend is making a reappearance. It’s all about being perfectly undone, messy but controlled, shabby but chic, minimal effort and all things au natural.


So a few days ago Lady Gaga uploaded a video of the Marc Jacobs hair team using finger waves. Can you believe it. Finger Waves?! I remember learning how to do these in college. I absolutely hated them! And actually remember thinking “who is ever going to have these, they’re awful” Obviously I was wrong! However, when done right, they can create a beautiful result.


It’s all about bronde. There are so many different meanings to the word bronde, so many different tones, so many different depths. If you’re blonde wanting to slightly darken, its perfect. If you’re brunette wanting to add a little bit of light, it’s perfect. This colour is going to be around for a long time. We’re also still seeing greys everywhere. It seems like its going to be the colour of the century! Who knew looking like a granny would become so popular!